Thank you for enjoying Erica’s Konjac and sharing your kind words!

At our household we have a Sunday ritual of homemade chocolate chip mini-pancakes. My wife uses a special pan the make thick, coaster sized pancakes with animal prints on them. Often we would have a few leftover for an afternoon snack. One day she explained she had added a secret ingredient (Konjac Powder). We tried them and they were extra-cakey with a hint of a fruity essence! Incredible! Ever since this new “secret” ingredient, we never have any leftover and if I’m late getting to the table the kids will have finished them all! I am grateful to my wife for discovering this tasty ingredient that makes our Sunday mornings even more special.

Thanks for bringing Konjac powder to Canada!


I am always looking for nutritious, tasty and easy ways to add fibre to my autistic son’s diet.  Pancakes with a small amount of Konjac powder added to the batter are a Sunday morning staple in our house.


I consume konjac daily to help control my cholesterol. My wife also cooks and bakes with it and I cannot believe the variety of recipes you can create with it. It adds fibre to your food without you even knowing its there.


I absolutely love the Konjac Powder.  It has so many great uses, from turning my morning protein shakes into thick creamy milkshakes, to turning my fresh fruit into natural homemade jam.   There are so many health benefits to using Konjac and the bonus is that one teaspoon added to your food/drinks  can help you feel full which helps in weight loss.  It doesn’t get any better.