One of the things that differentiates Erica’s Konjac powder from other brands, is that it has the perfect moisture content and texture. It is dry enough that it works quickly in recipes to thicken, but not so quickly you get clumps (though never dump the powder directly into a large quantity of hot liquid or it will clump!). It is also a very fine powder. Please note that all my recipes are designed to be used with Erica’s Konjac powder.

Just for comparison sake, I tried using Zeroodle brand powder. It does not work! It is granular, not a powder, and the results were awful! I have also tried using NOW brand glucomannan (which comes loose, and in capsules), and it doesn’t produce great results either. Erica’s Konjac is formulated perfectly for cooking and baking.

Aside from all the health benefits, there are many reasons to start using Erica’s Konjac in your kitchen. It allows you to easily make low-carb, gluten-free, and/or low-calorie versions of your favorite foods.

Try it now!